2019 Weddings

St. Bonaventure Church Project 2020 will begin construction for a new parish center, narthex and additional parking in 2019. Due to the nature of that construction and that the church buildings will be unsafe for use, St. Bonaventure Church will not be available for some weddings.  

   St. Anthony’s, and other area churches, were asked to help with having some of the previously scheduled weddings in our church. I will state that June of 2019 is full due to the ordination of Bill Cremers to the priesthood, an upcoming major event from the Archdiocese and two weddings already on the books.

   St. Anthony’s parishioners wanting to have a wedding here in our church in 2019, should contact me as soon as possible to book the date. We want to be good neighbors, but I want to make sure that our parishioners sacramental needs are being taken care of during this time.


Fr. Ross Burkhalter