The St. Theresa Sodality was formed in 1933 as a parish organization and is presently affiliated with the Omaha Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women. The objectives of this organization are to unite women in purpose, direction and action in religious, educational, social and economic fields.

Every lady here at St. Anthony’s Parish is considered a member of St. Theresa Sodality after the age of 18. Dues are $5.00 per year and are due in January.

Since 1975, the Parish women have been divided into 12 circles, each representing one month of the year, rotating months each year thereafter. There are approximately 50 women in each circle, with 1 chairman for that month. Each circle has a good share of experienced women to help direct the inexperienced. We feel this has eliminated the problem of the same women being called upon for every function. During your month each circle is responsible for the monthly meeting, salads for funeral luncheons, as well as any scheduled parish functions. Meetings are held at 7pm on the second Thursday of March, May, September, November & December. We meet in the parish center. A potluck dinner is held at 6:30pm in May & December.

We also have a funeral committee that takes care of any funeral dinners that we may have. With the exception of the annual bazaar and a few miscellaneous fundraisers, you will not be called upon any other time, unless you would like to volunteer for a specific occasion.

A Mass for the living and deceased members of the St. Theresa Sodality is held on the first Sunday of the month at 9 am.