St. Anthony Parish operates an elementary school for children from Preschool through 6th Grade. A daycare is also available for students who attend the school. Our enrollment is approximately 120 students. The school curriculum is coordinated with the other Catholic schools in Columbus. Students are offered the religion classes along with the core subjects. The students attend Mass on Fridays and celebrate Church seasons and feast days as an entire school. The school operates a hot lunch program.

In addition to a per pupil book/supply fee of $120 that must be paid at registration, tuition has been set for the 2019-2020 school term as follows:

  • 1 child: $2,395.00 per year
  • 2 children: 3,690.00 per year
  • 3 or more children: 4,890.00 per year
  • Preschool 3-day session (T, W, Th) 1,215.00 per year
  • Preschool 4-day session (M, T, W, Th) 1,440.00 per year
  • Daycare rate (per child) 3.25 per hour
  • (For second child in family $2.00 per hour.)
  • (For third child in family $1.50 per hour)

All parishioners are encouraged to practice stewardship. That is, to give 5% of their gross income to the support of the parish and 5% to other charitable causes, tuition coming under this latter 5%.

For more information about our school, visit our website at or contact our principal, Amy Sokol, at 402-564-4767.